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Breakfast with Oranjade and Nola

Friday morning chats about social issues and sustainable living mixed with a blend of UK artists, Hip-Hop tunes and TrapSoul.

10:00 am

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Paula Krause


11:00 am

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Shoegazers' is a weekly radio talk show focused on the promotion and exploration of shoegaze and dream pop music. Since the early 90s, shoegaze became a platform for a new type of alternative rock. Bands such as My Bloody Valentine, Slowdive, and Lush began a new genre that explores guitar gains, reverb, and psychedelic dynamics. 'Shoegazers' presents a specific type of genre while showing its diversity across new and old shoegaze music. There are talking breaks between every few songs where I discuss the songs and bands being played while announcing any upcoming shows or projects of theirs. The show also includes some live performances and interviews of the artists being played.

12:00 pm

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I'm playing music that I'm feeling at the moment and speaking about different topics from a diasporas perspective, tune in every Friday to chill, chat and listen to music with me at 1pm to 2pm.

1:00 pm

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Through The Years

Every episode focuses on records from a particular year and discusses them in within a social and historical context.

2:00 pm

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Thicc Description

Digging in muddy subjects with a palette of guests, ranging from anthropologists to snake milkers. Creamy music breaks.

3:00 pm

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Social Records Society


4:00 pm

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SILK Sounds

Fortnightly set  including b2bs with other DJ's in Goldsmiths and beyond. Tune in to hear anything from afro house to high energy rave and techno.

6:00 pm

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Take a step into the darkness, turn those speakers up and make your ears RUMBLE. The best from the DNB/GRIME/JUNGLE scene hitting your airways hosted by your selecta Billy Kettle. High energy, low fi sounds and all done live in the mix from the Wired Studio every Friday 8 - 9.

8:00 pm

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Culture Club

Playing the finest uk rap drill and underground music

9:00 pm

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