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Genre Geneaology

Join Lars on his journey of musical discovery as he learns about and listens to the many different musics of the world. Every week, explore the origins, the forerunners and the modern breed of one of the many musical styles flooding the airwaves. With comprehensive histories and playlists of everything from Thrash to Folk, never feel lost in your auditory travels again

12:00 pm

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Digital Habits


1:00 pm

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Lighthearted student chat show about the queer experience. Featuring music from LGBTQ+ artists and a live Agony Aunt section with the Gossip Earl! Get your pride flags out!!

3:00 pm

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My show will be centred around Dj mixes playing out music ranging from ambient inspired techno and breakbeat to jungle and IDM; new finds and tunes I've been playing on repeat! My main aim is to create an atmosphere and hope people enjoy the music!

2:00 pm

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