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DECKADES explores the cultures of prominent genres from the past to present. A mix of music and talking with guests, I'll be looking at where our relationship to music comes from and the experience of different musical cultures. From punk, to northern soul, disco, rave, garage, hip hop, r&b and beyond.

12:00 pm

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Exploring the exciting underground UK music scene, with live interviews from up and coming artists and a fiery selection of guest mixes. Lock in every other Sunday for the latest and greatest music from across the nation. Expect anything from neo-soul to post punk, grime to jazz, lo-fi to disco. Discover your next favourite artist with Wired station manager Kate Bugos, 1-3pm.

1:00 pm

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Sunday Come Down

A relaxed literary show with rare recordings, exclusive readings and special guests. Plus some chilled out chat with Matt and Tommy to help you recover from Saturday night and take on Monday morning.

3:00 pm

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