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Creepy Compendium

Creepy Compendium is a show exploring urban myths and folklore from around the globe. Each week you'll be taken through tales of mysterious monsters, cryptic criminals and haunted habitats.

10:00 am

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A guest each week will pick 3-5 songs that remind them of a person/time in their life; we'll play the songs with a bit of chatting in between about boys, love, feminism and any other pertinent/topical issues (essentially sexy Desert Island Discs meets The Receipts).

11:00 am

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The Big Tip

A show which joins the dots between various different forms of underground dance music, both old and new. Expect House, Soul, Dub, Hip-Hop and everything in between.

12:00 pm

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Riyana Mistry


1:00 pm

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An hour a week of songs not in English, from all parts of the world, from all genres, for all persuasions and ALL are bangers!

2:00 pm

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No Bother

An eclectic mix of music, with a nod to music from around the world, coupled with a fair bit of rambling.

3:00 pm

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Wake of Tales

A mix of contemporary classics, new releases and old favourites, occasional interviews and reviews, and filling the spaces between the tunes with casual conversation, insights and news and offerings from the world of music

4:00 pm

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Bread and Butter

A light hearted discussion of the news of the week and the tos and fros of day to day life.

6:00 pm

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No Guest List

No Guest List will run weekly featuring an eclectic mix of Cal's favourite records, labels and artists.

7:00 pm

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Inform Educate Entertain

A showcase for some of the most bizarre and underrated music. Each week will focus on a different genre or movement, exploring the hits, influences, and roots of the music.

8:00 pm

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Link Up At The Bench

Link Up at the Bench is your evening sesh of good vibes with Janice. FeaturingĀ an elite music selection and authentic chats about life every Thursday 9-10pm.[...]

9:00 pm

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