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Join Rosie on her musical journey across the globe! Combining music with phonography, art, history and politics; immerse yourself in the culture of a new country each week. GET READY... JET-SET... GO!!!

10:00 am

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The past, the present and the future. THE SOUND(S) will be spinning the biggest Indie/Alt/Punk/Post-Punk/Rock tunes out there as well as airing the best new bands/artists and weekly new music. The show will occasionally have guests and some live in house sets.

11:00 am

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NINETWOTHREE is your fortnightly journey from Fajara Market to Nascot Wood with a small diversion to Jersey. Club sounds mixed with slow jams mixed with the odd Kora.

12:00 pm

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Harry and Sophie


2:00 pm

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Musique from the Strait.

3:00 pm

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A deep dive into a different electronic music genre or scene each week

4:00 pm

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Jazz Shout

Discover a varied selection of jazz celebrating past and present artists.

5:00 pm

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Sabor Radio


6:00 pm

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Tuned In

Tuned In looks at the intimate interplay between music, emotion and memory.  From apathy to determination, regret to hope, each episode delves into historical and contemporary representations of emotion through sound.  How does music affect you on a personal level?  Join us on a journey of exploration where songs are not only heard, but felt as well.

8:00 pm

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