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Violaine Jeanne


10:00 am

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Ella Fleur

Browse Ella Fleur’s weekly selection of tracks based around a one worded theme.  Covering everything from fresh new sounds through to funk, electronic and more.

11:00 am

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Out Of The Box

Downtempo, nu-jazz, electronica, contemporary jazz, techno, deep house, modern classical and other discoveries. Music for nights during the day.

12:00 pm

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Oliver Jacob


1:00 pm

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genre-bending world sounds including club/rnb/electronic.

2:00 pm

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Joyful Noise

I'll be playing music spanning many genres - from gospel to punk, mainstream to avant-garde. Each show will focus on a particular sound or theme.

3:00 pm

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Lighthearted student chat show about the queer experience. Featuring music from LGBTQ+ artists and a live Agony Aunt section with the Gossip Earl! Get your pride flags out!!

4:00 pm

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Picture Postcard

Each week I'll be looking at different travel destinations with some fun budget hacks etc and occasional guests

5:00 pm

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Deeper House

A collection of deep house songs perfect for both the start and the end of your night.

6:00 pm

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Selecta Vexa

A full spectrum of UK Dance created music between the years 1990 and 2012.

7:00 pm

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How To Love-Bite A Squid

Synthetic moisture for the arid deserts of your lust.

9:00 pm

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